England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history

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Lance Corporal A. Gathard, 31st January 1916, St Albans Hatfield Road Cemetery

A Gathard


Boy Artificer H. E. Dilnutt, 30th January 1918, Abney Park

Boy Artificer H. E. Dilnutt

Abney Park  Abney Park

Sgt. Lewis Rotheram, 29th January 1943, Undercliffe Cemetery

Sgt. Lewis Rotheram

Undercliffe  Undercliffe Cemetery

Private G. Cole, 27th January 1918, Abney Park Cemetery

Private G. Cole

Abney Park  Abney Park (2)

Corporal Frederick Francis Short, 26th January 1901, Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery

Frederick Francis Short

Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery  Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery (2)

2nd Lieutenant P. B. Kirby, 25th January 1943, New Southgate Cemetery

P. B. Kirby, Nw Southgate

New Southgate  New Southgate

Lieutenant F. F. Fenton, January 24th 1898, Canterbury Cathedral

F F Fenton, Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral  Canterbury Cathedral

Private H. Edwards, 23rd January 1920, Otley Cemetery

R Edwards, Otley

Otley Cross  Otley Parish Church

Private Thomas Holmes, January 22nd 1901, Whitby

Nov22nd1901 (2)

Whitby  Whitby

Wheeler H. White, January 21st 1918, Old Camberwell Cemetery

Wheeler H. White, Old Compton

Old Camberley Cemetery  SONY DSC

Caesar Charles Hawkins, DSC, 20th January 1940, Chalfont St Giles

Caesar Charles Hawkins

Caesar Charles Hawkins  Chalfont St Giles

The Hon. George J. Goschen, Lieutenant, 19th January 1916, All Hallows by the Tower

George J Goschen

All Hallows by the Tower  All Hallows by the Tower

Fanshawe William Gostling, 18th January 1874, St Albans Cathedral

Fanshawe William Gostling

St Albans Abbey  SONY DSC


Lieutenant Constatine D. Brown, 17th January 1815, Ripon Cathedral

Constantine D Brown

William Harold Cliff Hodges, 16th January 1944, St Nicholas Compton

William Hodges, Compton

St Nicholas Compton  St Nicholas Compton

Major Mark William Carr, January 15th 1871, Hexham Abbey

Major Mark William Carr

Hexham Abbey  SONY DSC

Major Herbert Augustine Carter VC, 13th Janury 1916, York Minster


York Minster   SONY DSC

Captain James Lamotte, 11th January 1812, Canterbury Cathedral


Canterbury Cathedral  SONY DSC

Gunner A. H. Berry and Gunner G. Brown, 10th January 1945, Tottenham Cemetery

Tottenham Cemetery

Tottenham Cemetery         SONY DSC

Private S. A. Moore, 9th January 1916, Ladywell Cemetery

S A Moore, Ladywell

Ladywell Cemetery  SONY DSC

Private A. H. Comber, 7th January 1915, Brockley Cemetery

Private A H Comber, Brockley

Brockley cemetery     Brockley cemetery

Lieutenant Seymour James Carey, 6th January 1900, St Mary Abbot’s Kensington

Lieutenant Seymour James Carey, Kensington

Kensington   Kensington

E. Lofthouse, 5th January 1917, Undercliffe Cemetery

E. Lofthouse, Undercliffe

E Lofthouse, Undercliffe Cemetery    Undercliffe Cemetery


Major J. M. Vallentin, 4th January 1902, Taunton

January 4 1902 Taunton