England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Lance Corporal James Beckley, 21st May 1900, Chalfont St Giles

James Beckley

Chalfont St Giles   Chalfont St Giles

Leonard Stanley, May 12th 1915, New Southgate Cemetery

Leonard Stanley

New Southgate   New Southgate

Harry Metcalfe, 9th May 1917, Hammersmith Cemetery

Harry Metcalfe

Hammersmith   Hammersmith

Captain Thomas Marsden Jodrell, 8th April 1806, Christchurch college cathedral

Captain Jodrell

Christchurch college   Christchurch college

Captain William Maurice Marter, 3rd April 1900, York Minster

Captain Willim Maurice Marter

York Minster   York (2)


Colour Sergeant George Tickle Armstrong, 29th March, Newcastle Cathedral

Colour Sergeant George Tickle Armstrong, 29th March 1900, Newcastle Cathedral

Captain John Purvis, March 16th 1814, Canterbury Cathedral

Captain Purvis

Canterbury cathedral    Canterbury cathedral

Surgeon Arthur Jermyn Landon, 1st March 1881, St Bartholomew the Lesser

Arthur Jermyn Landon

St Barts   St Barts


Lieutenant Thomas Lewis Bowden, 13th February 1941, Newcastle Cathedral

Thomas Lewis Bowden

Newcastle cathedral   Newcastle cathedral

The Hon. George J. Goschen, Lieutenant, 19th January 1916, All Hallows by the Tower

George J Goschen

All Hallows by the Tower  All Hallows by the Tower

Major Herbert Augustine Carter VC, 13th Janury 1916, York Minster


York Minster   SONY DSC

Lieutenant Seymour James Carey, 6th January 1900, St Mary Abbot’s Kensington

Lieutenant Seymour James Carey, Kensington

Kensington   Kensington


Major J. M. Vallentin, 4th January 1902, Taunton

January 4 1902 Taunton