England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Captain William Thomas Stackhouse, March 11th 1915, Stainforth St Peters

Captain William Thomas Stackhouse

Stainforth St Peters   Stainforth St Peters


Lieutenant Colonel Edward Seton Chance, 29th May 1918, Grasemere

Edward Seton Chance

Major Rodney George Watson, 27th May 1940, Seale St Lawrence

Major Watson

Seale St Lawrence  Seale St Lawrence


Private T G Smith, 25th May 1915, Orpington All Saints

Private T G Smith

Captain Philip Thompson, 23rd May 1918, St Oswald’s, Guiseley

Philip Thompson

Guiseley   Guiseley

Private William Waller, 22nd May 1900, Church of St Mary, Whitby

William Waller

Whitby   Whitby

Lance Corporal James Beckley, 21st May 1900, Chalfont St Giles

James Beckley

Chalfont St Giles   Chalfont St Giles

Douglas Dubrucq, May 19th 1940, Camberwell Old Cemetery

Douglas M Dubruq

Old Camberwell Cemetery

Lieutenant M C Maccormac, 16th May 1917, York Cemetery

M C Maccormac

York cemetery   M A Maccormac

Captain John Neville Bigge, 15th May 1915, Newcastle Cathedral

Captain John Neville Bigg

Captain John Neville BiggeNewcastle Cathedral



Private Ernest William Boyden, 14th May 1901, Bishop’s Stortford

Ernest William Boyden


Lance Corporal L A Smith, 13th May 1918, Orpington All Saints

L A Smith

Leonard Stanley, May 12th 1915, New Southgate Cemetery

Leonard Stanley

New Southgate   New Southgate

Guy Clifton Davis, 11th May 1918, Orpington All Saints

Guy Clifton Davis

Orpington All Saints    1918 May 11th

Harry Metcalfe, 9th May 1917, Hammersmith Cemetery

Harry Metcalfe

Hammersmith   Hammersmith

Sergeant William George Kennedy Milne, 8th May 1935, Church of the Holy Rood, Wool

Sergeant Milne

Wool Church of the Holy Rood

Fred Peppin, May 7th 1917, Church of St Decumen, Watchett

Fred Peppin

St Decuman Watchet church


Arthur Longland, May 6th 1915, Chester-le-Street Cemetery

Arthur Longland

Sidney Herbert Hannington, May 5th 1916, Hammersmith Cemetery

Sidney Herbert Hannington

Hammersmith    Hammersmith

James Willie, May 3rd 1917, Undercliffe Cemetery

James Willie

Undercliffe   James Willie (2)

Sidney Wiles, 2nd May 1917, Kirby Muxloe

Sidney Wiles

Kirby Muxloe     Kirby Muxloe

Private D. S. Howes, 29th April 1943, Thurne St Edmund the Martyr

D S Howes

Thurne  SONY DSC

Douglas Watson, 28th April 1941, Horning St Benedict’s

Douglas Watson

Horning   Horning

Captain Leslie George Carr (MC), 27th April 1918, Ladywell Cemetery

Leslie George Carr

Ladywell   Ladywell