England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history

Boer War

Private William Waller, 22nd May 1900, Church of St Mary, Whitby

William Waller

Whitby   Whitby

Lance Corporal James Beckley, 21st May 1900, Chalfont St Giles

James Beckley

Chalfont St Giles   Chalfont St Giles


Private Ernest William Boyden, 14th May 1901, Bishop’s Stortford

Ernest William Boyden

Sergeant F. Pinner, 25th April 1901, Berkhamstead St Peter’s

Sergeant Pinner



Lieutenant C W Boyle, 5th April 1900, Christchurch Cathedral Oxford

Lieutenant C W Boyle

Christchurch college   Christchurch college

Captain William Maurice Marter, 3rd April 1900, York Minster

Captain Willim Maurice Marter

York Minster   York (2)


Colour Sergeant George Tickle Armstrong, 29th March, Newcastle Cathedral

Colour Sergeant George Tickle Armstrong, 29th March 1900, Newcastle Cathedral


2nd Lieutenant A L Grove, 12th March 1902, Norwich Cathedral

A L Grove

Lieutenant Harry Bertram Abadie, February 23rd 1901, Canterbury Cathedral

Harry Bertram Abadie


Trooper F Douglas, 18th February 1901, Christchurch College Oxford

Trooper F Douglas

Christchurch college  Christchurch college

Lance Corporal James Fleming, 12th February 1903, Church of the Holy Cross, Haltwhistle

Lance Corporal James Fleming

Church of the Holy Cross, Haltwhistle  Haltwhistle

Lieutenant Cecil Faulkner Cawston, 3rd February 1901, Norwich Cathedral

Cecil Faulkner Cawston

Norwich cathedralNorwich Cathedral


Corporal Frederick Francis Short, 26th January 1901, Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery

Frederick Francis Short

Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery  Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery (2)

Private Thomas Holmes, January 22nd 1901, Whitby

Nov22nd1901 (2)

Whitby  Whitby

Lieutenant Seymour James Carey, 6th January 1900, St Mary Abbot’s Kensington

Lieutenant Seymour James Carey, Kensington

Kensington   Kensington