England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Major Rodney George Watson, 27th May 1940, Seale St Lawrence

Major Watson

Seale St Lawrence  Seale St Lawrence

Private D. S. Howes, 29th April 1943, Thurne St Edmund the Martyr

D S Howes

Thurne  SONY DSC

Douglas Watson, 28th April 1941, Horning St Benedict’s

Douglas Watson

Horning   Horning

Private A W Terry, 18th-19th April 1942, St Catherine Ludham

A W Terry

St Catherine Ludham  St Catherine Ludham

Lieutenant Charles Philip Woodrow Cross, 10th April 1940, Seale St Lawrence

Charles Philip Woodrow Cross

Seale  Seale

Helen Mary Ballard, March 31st 1941, St Bartholomew the Great

Helen Mary Ballard

St Bartholomew the Great   St Bartholomew the Great

Sergeant Pilot Jack William Stubbings, 24th March 1945, St Micheal’s, Bishop’s Stortford

Jack William Stubbings

Bishops Stortford    Bishops Stortford


Gunner Francis Ward, 21st March 1942, Fewston

Gunner Francis Ward

Fewston  Fewston

Volunteer F R Paul, March 18th 1942, Clippesby

F R Paul

Clippesby St Peter's   Clippesby St Peter's

Arthur Ronald Milton, 5th March 1943, St Michael’s Wood Green

Artur Ronald Milton

St Michael's Wood Green   St Michael's Wood Green

Sub-Lieutenant Michael Holdsworth, 24th February 1942, Kettlewell

Michael Holdsworth

Michael Holdsworth  Kettlewell

Pilot Officer Philip George Stote, 17th February 1943, St Albans St Stephens

Pilot Officer Philip George Stote

St Albans St Stephens  St Albans St Stephens

Lieutenant Thomas Lewis Bowden, 13th February 1941, Newcastle Cathedral

Thomas Lewis Bowden

Newcastle cathedral   Newcastle cathedral

Gunner S. C. Shadbolt, 5th February 1943, St Stevens Church, St Albans

Gunner Shadbolt

St Stephens St Albans  St Albans St Stephens

Sgt. Lewis Rotheram, 29th January 1943, Undercliffe Cemetery

Sgt. Lewis Rotheram

Undercliffe  Undercliffe Cemetery

2nd Lieutenant P. B. Kirby, 25th January 1943, New Southgate Cemetery

P. B. Kirby, Nw Southgate

New Southgate  New Southgate

Caesar Charles Hawkins, DSC, 20th January 1940, Chalfont St Giles

Caesar Charles Hawkins

Caesar Charles Hawkins  Chalfont St Giles

William Harold Cliff Hodges, 16th January 1944, St Nicholas Compton

William Hodges, Compton

St Nicholas Compton  St Nicholas Compton

Gunner A. H. Berry and Gunner G. Brown, 10th January 1945, Tottenham Cemetery

Tottenham Cemetery

Tottenham Cemetery         SONY DSC

J. Hay, 1st January 1943, Newcastle All Saints Cemetery

J. Hay, January 1st 1943, Newcastle All Saints Cemetery

All Saints Cemetery Newcastle   All Saints Cemetery, Newcastle