England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Emily Wright, 26th May 1882, Easby Abbey

Emily Wright

Easy Abbey   Easby Abbey


Staff Surgeon Septimus Evans, 26th April 1881, Greenwich Naval Academy

Staff Surgeon Septimus Evans


Brigadier James Hill Alms OBE, 26th February 1947, Taunton


Brigadier Alms     Brigadier Alms









(My thanks to Debby Henderson, niece of the deceased, who kindly sent me the second and third of these photos and also the following….)

The Times obituary of 11th April 1947 said:

“Brigadier Alms, now known to have lost his life on a flight from Singapore to Saigon, was one of the outstanding staff officers of the 1939-45 war. In 1943 he was made G.SO1 (Strategic Plans) to the Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander Lieutenant General F.E. (Later Sir Frederick) Morgan. In this post he did much arduous spadework on Overlord, the outline plan for the invasion of France. He was later on SHAEF’s massive staff, responsible for coordinating the Western European resistance organisations placed under General Eisenhower’s control and for the operational “vetting” of the Psychological Warfare Division’s devious attempts to sap the German will to resist. His outstanding work at COSSAC and SHAEF was recognised not only by his own country but also by the award of high French, American and Polish decorations.


After VE Day, before which he had made several vain attempts to return to his regiment, he volunteered for airborne duties and though a full Colonel at the time, attended a company commando’s course to fit himself for his new job. Following Japan’s capitulation, however, he returned to staff work and was eventually appointed Director of Military Intelligence, South East Asia Land Forces, the post he held at the time of his death. A summary of his wartime career conveys no hint of his wit and good humour with which he could reduce the most critical and controversial problems of military strategy to matters for laughter, but those who worked closely with him knew that behind all the fun and mockery lay an exceptionally shrewd and efficient brain and a deep understanding of the world.”

Corporal Frederick Francis Short, 26th January 1901, Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery

Frederick Francis Short

Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery  Leeds Beckett Street Cemetery (2)