England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Private D. S. Howes, 29th April 1943, Thurne St Edmund the Martyr

D S Howes

Thurne  SONY DSC

Douglas Watson, 28th April 1941, Horning St Benedict’s

Douglas Watson

Horning   Horning

Captain Leslie George Carr (MC), 27th April 1918, Ladywell Cemetery

Leslie George Carr

Ladywell   Ladywell


Staff Surgeon Septimus Evans, 26th April 1881, Greenwich Naval Academy

Staff Surgeon Septimus Evans

Sergeant F. Pinner, 25th April 1901, Berkhamstead St Peter’s

Sergeant Pinner



2nd Lieutenant Guy Vickery-Pinfield, April 24th 1916, Bishop’s Stortford


Bishops Stortford   Bishops Stortford


Major John Johnson, 20th April 1839, Canterbury Cathedral

John Johnson

Private A W Terry, 18th-19th April 1942, St Catherine Ludham

A W Terry

St Catherine Ludham  St Catherine Ludham


Stoker Petty Officer J. H. Bottomley, 17th April 1925, Otley cemetery


Liuetenant Colonel Christopher Edward Thomas Oldfield, 16th April 1850, York Minster

Christopher Edward Thomas Oldfield

York Minster  York Minster

Lieutenant David Gibson Turnbull, 15th April 1917, St John the Baptist Knaresborough

David Gibson Turnbull

SONY DSC   Knaresborough St John the Baptist

George Carr Barker Snowdon, 14th April 1916, Jesmond Old Cemetery, Newcastle

George Carr Barker Snowdon

Jesmond Old Cemetery

Lieutenant Charles Gordon Spring, 13th April 1886, Chichester Cathedral

Charles Gordon Spring


Lieutenant George Pigot Alms, 12th April 1782, Chichester Cathedral

Lieutenant George Pigot Alms

Chichester Cathedral   Chichester Cathedral

Lieutenant Charles Philip Woodrow Cross, 10th April 1940, Seale St Lawrence

Charles Philip Woodrow Cross

Seale  Seale


Robert Jones, 9th April 1917, London Zoo

Robert Jones

Captain Thomas Marsden Jodrell, 8th April 1806, Christchurch college cathedral

Captain Jodrell

Christchurch college   Christchurch college


2nd Lieutenant Reuben Addison Mangin, 7th April 1918, Ripon Cathedral

2nd Lieutenant Reuben Addison Mangin

Lieutenant C W Boyle, 5th April 1900, Christchurch Cathedral Oxford

Lieutenant C W Boyle

Christchurch college   Christchurch college

J Braithwaite, 4th April 1917, Horton-in-Ribblesdale

J Braithwaite


Captain William Maurice Marter, 3rd April 1900, York Minster

Captain Willim Maurice Marter

York Minster   York (2)

Rifleman F A Cole, 2nd April 1918, Brockley Cemetery

Rifleman F A Cole

Brockley Cemetery  Brockley Cemetery

Walter Thornton, 1st April 1904, York Cemetery

Walter Thornton

York Cemetery  York Cemetery