England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Captain William Thomas Stackhouse, March 11th 1915, Stainforth St Peters

Captain William Thomas Stackhouse

Stainforth St Peters   Stainforth St Peters

Helen Mary Ballard, March 31st 1941, St Bartholomew the Great

Helen Mary Ballard

St Bartholomew the Great   St Bartholomew the Great

Captain Lionel de Jersey Harvard, 30th March 1918, Ladywell Cemetery

Captain Lionel de Jersey Harvard

Ladywell   Ladywell


Colour Sergeant George Tickle Armstrong, 29th March, Newcastle Cathedral

Colour Sergeant George Tickle Armstrong, 29th March 1900, Newcastle Cathedral

Major Arthur Frederick Dawkins, March 27th 1905, Newcastle Cathedral

Arthur Frederick Dawkins

Newcastle Cathedral

Sergeant Pilot Jack William Stubbings, 24th March 1945, St Micheal’s, Bishop’s Stortford

Jack William Stubbings

Bishops Stortford    Bishops Stortford


Captain Charles Agnew, 22nd March 1873, Canterbuy Cathedral

Captain Charles Agnew

Canterbury cathedral   Canterbury cathedral



Gunner Francis Ward, 21st March 1942, Fewston

Gunner Francis Ward

Fewston  Fewston

Volunteer F R Paul, March 18th 1942, Clippesby

F R Paul

Clippesby St Peter's   Clippesby St Peter's

Captain Lawrence Edward Grace Oates, March 17th 1912, Leeds Parish Church

Captain Oates

Leeds Parish Church   Leeds Parish Church

Captain John Purvis, March 16th 1814, Canterbury Cathedral

Captain Purvis

Canterbury cathedral    Canterbury cathedral


Private S. A. Summerfield, 15th March 1916, Felbridge

Private Summerfield

Captain William Henry Robinson, March 14th 1892, Rochester Cathedral

William Henry Robinson


Major William Graham Thurnam, 13th March 1823, Carlisle St Cuthbert’s

William Graham Thurnam

Carlisle St Cuthbert's


2nd Lieutenant A L Grove, 12th March 1902, Norwich Cathedral

A L Grove

Captain Eric Fox Pitt Lubbock, 11th March 1917, High Elms

Captain Lubbock

Captain Lubbock

Lieutenant John C S G Welchman, 10th March 1915, St Mary Abbot’s Kensington

John C S G Welchman

Kensington    Kensington

Lieutenant Colonel Guy Louis Busson de Maurier, 9th March 1915, St Sepulchre-without-Newgate

Guy Louis Busson du Maurier

St Sepulchre-without-Newgate     St Sepulchre-without-Newgate

Lance-Corporal Thomas Lowes, 8th March 1924, Wool Church of the Holy Rood

Thomas Lowes

Wool    Wool

The Right Honourable Herbert Baron Collingwood, Vice-Admiral of the Red and Major-General of Marines, 7th March 1810, Newcastle cathedral

Cuthbert Baron Collingwood

Baron Collingwood   Baron Collingwood

Ensign Edward Noel Long, 6th March 1809, Seale St Lawrence

Edward Noel Long

Seale St Lawrence   Seale

Arthur Ronald Milton, 5th March 1943, St Michael’s Wood Green

Artur Ronald Milton

St Michael's Wood Green   St Michael's Wood Green

Private H. Poutney, 4th March 1920, Abney Park cemetery


Abney Park   Private Poutney

Lieutenant Joseph Maxwell Stuart, 2nd March 1916, Arundel cathedral

Joseph Maxwell Stuart

Arundel cathedral   Arundel cathedral