England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history



Lieutenant Henry Boswell Bennett, 31st May 1838, Canterbury Cathedral

Henry Boswell Bennett

Ensign Henry Whittam, 28th May 1809, York Minster

Henry Whittam

York Minster   York Minster

Emily Wright, 26th May 1882, Easby Abbey

Emily Wright

Easy Abbey   Easby Abbey

Private William Waller, 22nd May 1900, Church of St Mary, Whitby

William Waller

Whitby   Whitby

Lance Corporal James Beckley, 21st May 1900, Chalfont St Giles

James Beckley

Chalfont St Giles   Chalfont St Giles

Douglas Dubrucq, May 19th 1940, Camberwell Old Cemetery

Douglas M Dubruq

Old Camberwell Cemetery

Leonard Stanley, May 12th 1915, New Southgate Cemetery

Leonard Stanley

New Southgate   New Southgate

Harry Metcalfe, 9th May 1917, Hammersmith Cemetery

Harry Metcalfe

Hammersmith   Hammersmith

Sidney Herbert Hannington, May 5th 1916, Hammersmith Cemetery

Sidney Herbert Hannington

Hammersmith    Hammersmith

2nd Lieutenant William Graham Michel, 4th May 1889

William Graham Michel

Norwich Cathedral    Norwich Cathedral

James Willie, May 3rd 1917, Undercliffe Cemetery

James Willie

Undercliffe   James Willie (2)

Captain Leslie George Carr (MC), 27th April 1918, Ladywell Cemetery

Leslie George Carr

Ladywell   Ladywell


Staff Surgeon Septimus Evans, 26th April 1881, Greenwich Naval Academy

Staff Surgeon Septimus Evans


Major John Johnson, 20th April 1839, Canterbury Cathedral

John Johnson


Stoker Petty Officer J. H. Bottomley, 17th April 1925, Otley cemetery


Liuetenant Colonel Christopher Edward Thomas Oldfield, 16th April 1850, York Minster

Christopher Edward Thomas Oldfield

York Minster  York Minster

Lieutenant Charles Gordon Spring, 13th April 1886, Chichester Cathedral

Charles Gordon Spring


Lieutenant George Pigot Alms, 12th April 1782, Chichester Cathedral

Lieutenant George Pigot Alms

Chichester Cathedral   Chichester Cathedral


Robert Jones, 9th April 1917, London Zoo

Robert Jones

Captain William Maurice Marter, 3rd April 1900, York Minster

Captain Willim Maurice Marter

York Minster   York (2)

Rifleman F A Cole, 2nd April 1918, Brockley Cemetery

Rifleman F A Cole

Brockley Cemetery  Brockley Cemetery

Captain Lionel de Jersey Harvard, 30th March 1918, Ladywell Cemetery

Captain Lionel de Jersey Harvard

Ladywell   Ladywell

Captain Charles Agnew, 22nd March 1873, Canterbuy Cathedral

Captain Charles Agnew

Canterbury cathedral   Canterbury cathedral



Gunner Francis Ward, 21st March 1942, Fewston

Gunner Francis Ward

Fewston  Fewston