England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history

Canterbury Cathedral


Lieutenant Henry Boswell Bennett, 31st May 1838, Canterbury Cathedral

Henry Boswell Bennett


Major John Johnson, 20th April 1839, Canterbury Cathedral

John Johnson

Captain Charles Agnew, 22nd March 1873, Canterbuy Cathedral

Captain Charles Agnew

Canterbury cathedral   Canterbury cathedral



Captain John Purvis, March 16th 1814, Canterbury Cathedral

Captain Purvis

Canterbury cathedral    Canterbury cathedral

Lieutenant Harry Bertram Abadie, February 23rd 1901, Canterbury Cathedral

Harry Bertram Abadie


Captain George Howard Fanshawe Abadie, 11th February 1904, Canterbury Cathedral

Captain George Howard Fanshawe Abadie

Canterbury cathedral  Canterbury cathedral

Brigadier General Charles Cyril Taylor, 10th February 1846, Canterbury Cathedral

Charles Cyril Taylor

Canterbury cathedral  Canterbury cathedral

Lieutenant F. F. Fenton, January 24th 1898, Canterbury Cathedral

F F Fenton, Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral  Canterbury Cathedral

Captain James Lamotte, 11th January 1812, Canterbury Cathedral


Canterbury Cathedral  SONY DSC