England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Douglas Dubrucq, May 19th 1940, Camberwell Old Cemetery

Douglas M Dubruq

Old Camberwell Cemetery

Leonard Stanley, May 12th 1915, New Southgate Cemetery

Leonard Stanley

New Southgate   New Southgate

Harry Metcalfe, 9th May 1917, Hammersmith Cemetery

Harry Metcalfe

Hammersmith   Hammersmith

Captain Leslie George Carr (MC), 27th April 1918, Ladywell Cemetery

Leslie George Carr

Ladywell   Ladywell


Staff Surgeon Septimus Evans, 26th April 1881, Greenwich Naval Academy

Staff Surgeon Septimus Evans


Robert Jones, 9th April 1917, London Zoo

Robert Jones

Rifleman F A Cole, 2nd April 1918, Brockley Cemetery

Rifleman F A Cole

Brockley Cemetery  Brockley Cemetery

Helen Mary Ballard, March 31st 1941, St Bartholomew the Great

Helen Mary Ballard

St Bartholomew the Great   St Bartholomew the Great

Captain Lionel de Jersey Harvard, 30th March 1918, Ladywell Cemetery

Captain Lionel de Jersey Harvard

Ladywell   Ladywell

Lieutenant John C S G Welchman, 10th March 1915, St Mary Abbot’s Kensington

John C S G Welchman

Kensington    Kensington

Lieutenant Colonel Guy Louis Busson de Maurier, 9th March 1915, St Sepulchre-without-Newgate

Guy Louis Busson du Maurier

St Sepulchre-without-Newgate     St Sepulchre-without-Newgate

Arthur Ronald Milton, 5th March 1943, St Michael’s Wood Green

Artur Ronald Milton

St Michael's Wood Green   St Michael's Wood Green

Private H. Poutney, 4th March 1920, Abney Park cemetery


Abney Park   Private Poutney

Surgeon Arthur Jermyn Landon, 1st March 1881, St Bartholomew the Lesser

Arthur Jermyn Landon

St Barts   St Barts


Stoker A. H. Goodhew, 28th February 1916, Brockley Cemetery

A H Goodhew

Brockley Cemetery   Brockley Cemetery

Private R. Burton, 16th February 1918, New Southgate Cemetery

Private R Burton

New Southgate  New Southgate

Private A. J. Pullen, 15th February 1917, Ladywell Cemetery

A J Pullen

Ladywell Cemetery  Ladywell

Corporal Benjamin J. White, 9th February 1916, St Benett Fink, Tottenham

Corporal Benjamin J White

Bennett Fink  St Benett Fink

The HMS Orpheus, 7th February 1863, Greenwich Naval Academy

HMS Orpheus

Greenwich  Greenwich

Driver A. Murphy, 2nd February 1918, Brockley Cemetery

Driver A. Murphy

Brockley Cemetery   Brockley Cemetery

Boy Artificer H. E. Dilnutt, 30th January 1918, Abney Park

Boy Artificer H. E. Dilnutt

Abney Park  Abney Park

Private G. Cole, 27th January 1918, Abney Park Cemetery

Private G. Cole

Abney Park  Abney Park (2)

2nd Lieutenant P. B. Kirby, 25th January 1943, New Southgate Cemetery

P. B. Kirby, Nw Southgate

New Southgate  New Southgate

Wheeler H. White, January 21st 1918, Old Camberwell Cemetery

Wheeler H. White, Old Compton

Old Camberley Cemetery  SONY DSC