England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history



Lieutenant Malcolm Methuen Carlisle, 24th May 1906, Newcastle cathedral

Lieutenant Carlisle

Captain John Neville Bigge, 15th May 1915, Newcastle Cathedral

Captain John Neville Bigg

Captain John Neville BiggeNewcastle Cathedral


George Carr Barker Snowdon, 14th April 1916, Jesmond Old Cemetery, Newcastle

George Carr Barker Snowdon

Jesmond Old Cemetery


Colour Sergeant George Tickle Armstrong, 29th March, Newcastle Cathedral

Colour Sergeant George Tickle Armstrong, 29th March 1900, Newcastle Cathedral

Major Arthur Frederick Dawkins, March 27th 1905, Newcastle Cathedral

Arthur Frederick Dawkins

Newcastle Cathedral

The Right Honourable Herbert Baron Collingwood, Vice-Admiral of the Red and Major-General of Marines, 7th March 1810, Newcastle cathedral

Cuthbert Baron Collingwood

Baron Collingwood   Baron Collingwood

Trooper Thomas Eric Graham, 21st February 1915, Newcastle All Saints Cemetery

Trooper Thomas Eric Graham

All Saints Cemetery, Newcastle  Newcastle All Saints cemetery

Lieutenant Thomas Lewis Bowden, 13th February 1941, Newcastle Cathedral

Thomas Lewis Bowden

Newcastle cathedral   Newcastle cathedral

J. Hay, 1st January 1943, Newcastle All Saints Cemetery

J. Hay, January 1st 1943, Newcastle All Saints Cemetery

All Saints Cemetery Newcastle   All Saints Cemetery, Newcastle