England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Sidney Herbert Hannington, May 5th 1916, Hammersmith Cemetery

Sidney Herbert Hannington

Hammersmith    Hammersmith

2nd Lieutenant Guy Vickery-Pinfield, April 24th 1916, Bishop’s Stortford


Bishops Stortford   Bishops Stortford

George Carr Barker Snowdon, 14th April 1916, Jesmond Old Cemetery, Newcastle

George Carr Barker Snowdon

Jesmond Old Cemetery

Lieutenant Joseph Maxwell Stuart, 2nd March 1916, Arundel cathedral

Joseph Maxwell Stuart

Arundel cathedral   Arundel cathedral


John Cockerill, 20th February 1916, Kettlewell

John Cockerill

Kettlewell   Kettlewell

The Hon. George J. Goschen, Lieutenant, 19th January 1916, All Hallows by the Tower

George J Goschen

All Hallows by the Tower  All Hallows by the Tower

Major Herbert Augustine Carter VC, 13th Janury 1916, York Minster


York Minster   SONY DSC

Private S. A. Moore, 9th January 1916, Ladywell Cemetery

S A Moore, Ladywell

Ladywell Cemetery  SONY DSC