England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


Lieutenant M C Maccormac, 16th May 1917, York Cemetery

M C Maccormac

York cemetery   M A Maccormac

Harry Metcalfe, 9th May 1917, Hammersmith Cemetery

Harry Metcalfe

Hammersmith   Hammersmith

Fred Peppin, May 7th 1917, Church of St Decumen, Watchett

Fred Peppin

St Decuman Watchet church

Sidney Wiles, 2nd May 1917, Kirby Muxloe

Sidney Wiles

Kirby Muxloe     Kirby Muxloe

Lieutenant David Gibson Turnbull, 15th April 1917, St John the Baptist Knaresborough

David Gibson Turnbull

SONY DSC   Knaresborough St John the Baptist


Robert Jones, 9th April 1917, London Zoo

Robert Jones

Captain Eric Fox Pitt Lubbock, 11th March 1917, High Elms

Captain Lubbock

Captain Lubbock

Frederick Birkett, 27th February 1917, Haltwhistle cemetery

Frederick Birkett

Haltwhistle  Haltwhistle

Gunner L. Sorzano, 19th February 1917, Wool Church of the Holy Rood

Gunner Sorzano

Wool  Wool


Private A. J. Pullen, 15th February 1917, Ladywell Cemetery

A J Pullen

Ladywell Cemetery  Ladywell

Corporal Benjamin J. White, 9th February 1916, St Benett Fink, Tottenham

Corporal Benjamin J White

Bennett Fink  St Benett Fink

Private Leslie Henry Worssam, 8th February 1917, St Peters, St Albans

Leslie Henry Worssam

St Albans St Peters  St Albans war memorial

Lieutenant John Francis Munster, 4th February 1917, Balliol College Oxford

John Francis Munster

Balliol College   Balliol College

E. Lofthouse, 5th January 1917, Undercliffe Cemetery

E. Lofthouse, Undercliffe

E Lofthouse, Undercliffe Cemetery    Undercliffe Cemetery