England expected every man to do his duty. We remember those who fell doing that duty on this day in history


What’s the website for?

Every day, England Expected records someone who died serving their country in what I have loosely defined as military service on that same day in history. It does this by publishing a photo of their grave or other suitable memorial – sometimes a stained glass window or a plaque. It exists because I was once in York Minster and saw a plaque commemorarting a soldier who had died almost-but-not-quite-exactly 100 years earlier and thought that it would have been interesting to come across it exactly 100 years later, to the day.

Why “England Expected“?

In tribute to Admiral Nelson’s message before the Battle of Trafalgar: “England expects that every man will do his duty”.

Why only England?

Because I happen to be English, and live in England, and abitrarily drew the line there. No disrespect is intended to Scots, Welsh or the fallen of any other nation. England’s a big enough place for one guy with a camera to get around.

Why “every man?” Why “his duty”?

Because that’s what Nelson said. I have made every effort to include women who died in military service to their country too, and plan to publish tributes to both well-known examples such as Edith Cavell and as many other women whose memorials I have been able to find. Such memorials are relatively rarer than male ones, but I have found a few and will publish them all in due course.

I’m pretty sure this particular memorial has the wrong date / name / location on it

I’ve collected all of my photos in my spare time as I travelled around England on various holidays, family visits and other trips, and the recording system I’ve used is doubtless prone to error since it involves writing things down in the field and then transcribing them later. If there is an error, do let me know and I’ll correct it.

Do you make any money from the site?

Of course not. Insofar as it incurs any costs, which are trivial, I meet them myself. If your experience of the website has been positive I encourage you to make a donation to Help for Heroes, which is a charity I happen to admire and consider appropriate to this project but with which I have no official connection.

I’m pretty sure you photographed this memorial in my church / graveyard / field etc and should have sought my permission

If I can find someone to ask, I always ask. Generally I’ve found churches and graveyards to be empty. Occasionally I do find someone to ask and if you’re one of the dozens of people who said I could take the photo, thanks! Larger cathedrals have normally sold me a pass to take photographs for non-commercial purposes and this is a non-commercial purpose (see above). If you’d prefer a photo that I’ve taken in a building you look after not appear on the site, please let me know.

If I send you a photo of a memorial in my local church (etc) will you publish it on the site?

I’d be delighted, please do. It will, of course, only appear once the relevant date rolls around.

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